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You're getting married! Congratulations!!!!! 




Below is an example of a standard Wedding Reception Itinerary.       


All times are approximate. Your DJ will let you know at least 5 minutes ahead of time when an event is going to take place, giving you plenty of time to run to the bathroom, check your hair/makeup, etc. 


Bridal Party Arrival.

Your DJ gets everyone lined up and ready to enter (anywhere from ten minutes to a half hour, depending on the readiness of the bridal party. Make sure EVERYONE being announced is aware to stay outside of the reception hall until the wedding party introductions.


Blessing (optional)

Saying grace prior to the meal is typically done by the officiate. Many brides & grooms designate a family member to say grace before the meal. The DJs cordless microphone is available for the blessing.



Depending on how the meal is served; buffet, food stations or sit-down meal, and how many courses, this can take anywhere from 45 minutes (buffets with smaller crowds), to upwards of two hours (sit-down dinners). Since the Bride & Groom finish their meal about 15-30 minutes before everyone else, this is a good time for them to go around to each table to say hello. Your DJ will be playing continuous music during dinner.



Usually done immediately following the wedding party introductions or after the first course of a sit-down dinner.  The best man traditionally gives the toast, however, many couples also have a second or third person say a few words too. Your DJ will provide the cordless microphone.


Cake Cutting Ceremony

The photographer will usually ask for a formal pose or two before beginning the cutting of the cake. The Bride & Groom cut out two, evenly sized, pieces of cake. Wedding tradition holds that the groom feeds his new bride first, followed by the bride feeding the groom. Many brides & grooms feed each other a piece of cake simultaneously. Your DJ will provide guidance, music and a bit of encouragement for this event.


Formal Dances (approximately three to four minutes each is the rule of thumb for the length of special dances). Your DJ will smoothly make the transitions from one wedding reception formality to another.

     1.  Bride/Groom First Dance

     2.  Father/Daughter

     3.  Mother/Son

     4.  Dollar Dance  (optional)

     5.  Throwing of the garter & the bouquet

     6.  Time to Party!!!


From the announcement into the reception, to the bouquet & garter ceremonies, timing is generally about two hours. If this is going to be a five hour wedding reception, this leaves you about two hours to let loose.


Last Dance?

Perhaps you'd like the DJ to play the last song with the two of you encircled by family & friends? Let us know if there's a special song you'd like us to play to end the wedding reception with.

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