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Directly Driven is committed to personal attention, superior service, and delivering only the highest quality Disc Jockey entertainment for the wedding or event you've always dreamed of. We pride ourselves in performance, and in customizing your individual entertainment needs.


The success of your event is our number one priority. Directly Driven DJs are true professionals with experience in all types of events. 



F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions ... and Answers


How soon should we reserve a DJ?


When it comes to DJ's, photograpers or venues, the best always go first, so it's a good idea to reserve your DJ about a year in advance. We are already booking events for next year. 


What is the process for reserving your services?

If you feel comfortable with what you see on this website, and have heard from our references, then let's book it! Contact us using the form on the Contact page, or email me directly.  You can call too.  Once we determine if your event date is available, I will send out a contract for you to sign and return with your deposit. Prior to your event, we will arrange for an initial consultation.  We'll meet, I'll buy you a drink and some food, and we'll go over the checklist, your music preferences, song list, etc.  You can download a sample contract from the link below. 

Does the contracted time include equipment set up & travel?


You are guaranteed 5 hours of play time. at a venue within 35 miles of downtown Boise. Equipment set-up & tear down, preparation time, consultations-either in person or on the phone, are all included in our agreed price.  Your 5 hour time may vary as to what is stated on the contract, if guests arrive early, we won't let them sit in silence.  Travel to multiple venues, wineries, and out of the area is charged as outlined on the Wedding page under Travel.

Can we purchase additional time at the end of the event?


Yes. $150 per each hour, after 5 hours.  If we see that everyone is having a great time, we will ask you if you want to keep the party going. We get your permission and keep playing.

What if you become sick or have an accident on the day of my wedding or event.


We would have to be dying to not be there.  We always have a backup plan.


What time do you arrive prior to the event?


We always arrive 2 hours prior to a reception  or wedding ceremony to set-up our equipment..  Other events vary, it's our company standard to arrive no later than 1 hour prior to an event.

Do we need to supply anything special for you?

A power outlet within a reasonable distance, and an 8’ table with linens and/or skirting to match your event is all we need.


How do I pay you? What form of payment will you accept?


The deposit is paid when we book your event.

The remaining balance is due at time of 2nd consultation.

We accept:

  • Personal check ($35 returned check fee)**

  • Credit Card - Visa & Mastercard (3.5% processing fee /about $3.50 per $100)

  • Venmo (1.9%+$0.10 of the payment / about $2.00 per $100)

  • PayPal (2.9%+$0.30 of the payment / about $3.20 per $100)

  • cold hard cash, or

  • a collection from relatives and guests also works. 
    **preferred payment method

Have you ever had a couple file for divorce before their check cleared?  Sadly, yes.


Can you provide music for our wedding ceremony?


Yes.! We provide the processionals, recessionals and even music during the ceremony if you need it. If needed, a wireless microphone may be placed where required so that all in attendance may hear what's happening. A second sound system may also be provided, if necessary.  Our expertise provides you with the best possible sound setup for your event, and venue.

What kind of music do you have?

You name it…. Big band, rock, pop, club, oldies, disco, country, alternative, rap, etc. Background music for social hour, cocktails, and dinnertime includes a multitude of different styles and tastes like; piano, guitar, saxophone, light jazz, new age and classical.

Who selects the music at my event and do you take requests?


It's a combination between you and us. To help get you organized, we supply you with form that outlines what music you want played when, and on which you may select your favorites. We'll do our best to keep everyone happy.


Are you a member of any professional organizations?


If it makes a difference, then Yes, we are proud members of the prestigious National Association of Mobile Entertainers and the Idaho Disc Jockey Network as well as the Idaho Wedding Association.


What's your mission statement?


Our philosophy is simple: "Our goal is to make your event Unique, Memorable, and Extra Special."

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